Majesty Pastor Anniversary Program

majesty pastor nniversary program

Majesty Pastor Anniversary Program

Majesty Pastor Anniversary Program Template

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Pastor Anniversary Program Template Size: 11X17 Print Ready

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The Majesty Pastor Anniversary Program template is inspired from the word “Majesty” which means a title used to address or refer to a king or queen, someone of great importance. Pastors are important people as they watch over the souls of many Christians and believers. The color scheme layout uses an assortment of vibrant purples and shades of lavender, lilac and deep dark yellow accents that blend in and give the template some contrast.

The program template is based on the large 11X17 Tabloid size program which allow you to have substantial room for adding the “Official Order of Service” and “Pastor”s Biography”. The front cover photograph adds a high quality design element to the overall program design .We’ve placed two underlying banner graphics to enhance the overall look of the designer frame on the front cover. At the bottom of the template there is a graphic bar element which resembles a chrome effect. You can place text, graphics or anything of importance in this location. Always use a high quality professional photograph for best results in reproduction. Photographs can be taken professionally at Walmart, Kmart, Walgreens, RightAid and just about all Malls in America.

On the inside of the cover there are (6 photo pockets where you can highlight photographs of his or her time in service. This is also a great place to show spouse and family member’s photographs. A string of text says Pastor Anniversary at the very top – It can also say Pastor Appreciation. If your need this text to say Pastor Appreciation please order the template from our Pastor Appreciation website. All of the text that you type within the template is completely editable and can also be colored.
The back cover of the program template can be utilized in many ways. This is the space to insert any announcements or a thank you letter to your pastor. The back cover is structured in a way to keep things simple by adding two large photographs that highlight important events.

Edit the program template using Microsoft Publisher 2003 or higher and add your own flair of personalization. Replace our sample text with your own official program text using the available text frames within the outline. Please Note: Microsoft Publisher 2003 or higher is required to be able to make changes text the text boxes. You may type your personalized text right within the program template. The Print Ready Technology gives you total control of your printing projects for your Pastor’s Anniversary Program.

To Purchase this Program Template Click Buy Now or Click Here


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