Pastor Anniversary Programs

Programs for pastor anniversary should be planned by a designated committee chosen by the congregation to carryout the planned events for your pastor anniversary. In many cases this is very easy to do, just select a group of people that generally works well together. Those individuals should be able to execute quickly and finalize the details for the planned festivities.

What to Include in the Pastor Anniversary Program

Here are four very important elements that should be included in your pastor’s anniversary program. First, invite a guest speaker that knows your pastor and one who can deliver an encouraging word on his behalf. The guest speaker should know what to say and how to deliver congratulatory words for the pastor and his wife and the congregation. The guest speaker’s role in general is to salute the pastor with well wishes and encourage the congregation to work diligently with the pastor’s vision.

Next on the list is the entertainment. This part can come in many different ways as there are many different ways you can entertain your pastor. You can hire a band to come and render music. There are many great bands out there just looking for work and a great place to start is Craigslist. You can also just hire a soloist or singer to be the highlight of your program. Hiring a soloist is more cost effective than hiring a band as there are less people compensate. Remember, entertainment can come in many different forms so use your imagination.

When planning programs for pastor anniversary service be sure to utilize the members of the church. The order of service is a formality and it is a kind gesture to use those who labor at the local church. Don’t bring in outside help to do everything as that may be look upon as cruel. The members of the church are more than willing to be included in every aspect of the pastor’s anniversary service. In fact, most churches suggest that each organization or ministries within the ministry represent with a tribute or gift. Many times, each organization may represent by using the talented members within the ministry to render their talent or service.

Lastly, each member should present their leader with a gift or keepsake to mark the event. It is vitally important to know your pastors taste in all areas. Ask him throughout the year what he or she likes or he/she dislikes. Be sure to give a gift tribute that can actually be used by recipient. You do not have to give money all the time, put a little effort into finding out what will make his/her day. It will make the presentation that much better knowing that you actually went to the store and purchased a gift instead. As in many cases the church at large will make a financial contribution as a whole.

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